The subprojects of WATERKANT Berlin: a city quarter as a meeting place

The new WATERKANT Berlin quarter in Spandau by the Havel river consists of three subprojects divided into different construction phases. Each subproject contributes to the big picture of a neighbourhood and social district.

Subproject 1: 2- to 4-room apartments on the waterside promenade of the Oberhavel River

The first subproject (TP 1) has been implemented since summer 2018. West of Daumstraße, a total of 14 houses with 362 apartments and an underground car park with 95 parking spaces (including 10 parking spaces with charging stations) will be built by 2020 at an exclusive waterfront location in Berlin Spandau. Additional commercial space in the basement ensures local supply, accessible on foot, for both new and established Berliners. During construction, consideration is being given to the adjoining rows of terraced houses in order to facilitate neighbourly coexistence.

Subproject 2: community centre as a meeting place

The second subproject (TP 2) will be completed by 2021 in final agreement with the Berlin Spandau district administration and will contribute to ensuring that all people around WATERKANT Berlin benefit from the new neighbourhood. A community centre, commercial units, multi-storey car park and a mobility hub serves as a central contact point for all residents and can be used by everyone as a meeting place. The energy centre will become the main supply node for WATERKANT Berlin. The stepping of the upper floors in the direction of the single-family houses will incorporate them into the quarter. TP 2a and 2b offer a further 460 and 100 apartments respectively on the Wasserstadtbrücke bridge leading to Spandauer Forst.