Smart Living on the Riverbank in Berlin’s WATERKANT quarter

At WATERKANT you will find the whole variety of Berlin. Living with a view over the water is possible for everyone. With around 2,500 apartments, half of them subject to occupancy commitment, Spandau as the gateway to the city will become a new attraction for new and established Berliners from all parts of society.

New urbanity: apartments in Berlin Spandau with Havel view

Gewobag Berlin has developed a new quarter on the Havel river in one of the city’s most beautiful waterfront locations. 1- to 4-room apartments on the waterfront meet different requirements with consistently high standards. In every rented apartment you will find parquet flooring, underfloor heating and accessible showers. 220 residential units are completely accessible. Enjoy all the benefits of affordable living by the water, during a walk along the Havel or on your balcony with a view of the riverbank.

The picture shows a roof terrace.

WATERKANT Berlin stands for openness towards all neighbours and visitors. This is also reflected in the modern architecture. One highlight is the 25 square metre green roof terrace on the Punkthaus, which is open to the public.

By 2025: neighbourly encounters in the new community centre

Playgrounds and a community centre, to be built by 2021 (subproject 2), with a day care centre, bakery, flower shop, pharmacy, cosmetics, eating and drinking facilities, supermarket and a wide range of leisure facilities, will ensure neighbourly encounters and turn houses with apartments into a living neighbourhood.

The picture shows a cook at the waterside.

All in all, the new district, which is to be completed in 2025, with its parks and sports grounds and a modern mobility concept, will ensure the expansion of the social infrastructure of Berlin Spandau.